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Glee Mpreg

A Glee Mpreg Community

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A community for glee mpreg
Glee Mpreg
Welcome to Glee Mpreg! We are a community dedicated to the love between boys and the babies that are born from that love. Anything and everything to do with pregnant Glee boys, including fanfics, fanart, fanvids, recs, and discussion, is accepted and rejoiced. We accept all pairings, RPF included, so long as the focus remains on the Mpreg.


-Use a CUT: This is for two reasons. If you are posting anything of a length longer than a paragraph you need to put it under a cut so as to not spam people. Also, anything containing spoilers needs to be under a cut with a specific warning of spoilers (please use episode names and numbers to warn for spoilers as any other information is spoiling in itself).

- Please Include: For all fics, art, videos, and recs
Length (Word Count, Run time, image size, etc.):

-Use Tags: One of the many reasons this community was started was because of the lack of tags for Mpreg, so please be respectful to all of the readers who would like to be able to find your work quickly and easily without clogging up those search comms!You must select AT LEAST one tag from each category of tags (content:, rating:, author:, etc.). If you need a tag that is not already there, do not fret, just leave me a quick little note in your post and I'll help you out. We strongly suggest using the “select tags” function next to the tags box when posting an entry as you can see all the tags available to you and know you are selecting all those tags relevant to your post. If you have a question about what tags are appropriate or feel there is a tag missing please contact a mod.

-No F-Locking: Please do not friend lock entries you post or link to entries that are friend locked. If you feel strongly about keeping your journal friends only then please provide a link to an alternative place to view your work so everyone may view and enjoy. Places such as fanfiction.net, archiveofourown.org, and dreamwidth.org are great hosting sites along with many, many others.

-Promotion/Advertising: If you would like to promote a community or event on Glee Mpreg please ask for mod approval here first. We are happy to have any promotion that Glee Mpreg could possibly fall under but we ask that you contact us first so that we can take a look at what you are promoting and make sure it fits into the community’s interests.

-Above all BE RESPECTFUL!: As lovers of Mpreg we understand that bashing happens. It will not happen here. We accept all pairings and as such there will be no bashing of any character that is not a fictional representation in works of some kind. That means that if it’s not in your fic, art, or vid we don’t want it. If you do include bashing in your work please warn for it appropriately. Also, other posters and community members are to be respected at all times, no matter what. If you feel that someone else is violating this policy do not respond at all, please contact a mod and they will handle it.

-Also, please note that all fic searches or rec searches should be routed to gleefinders first. If you are unable to get a response there after a month or two, please let me know via the contact-a-mod post and I'll review the situation and most likely give you the go ahead to put up a post asking here. All fic prompts should be put into our fic meme, not in a post of their own. If you have any questions please feel free to drop a comment on the contact a mod post and a mod will get back to you as soon as possible.


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