Kate (joyincreation) wrote in gleempreg,

Glee Mpreg Promotion

Please help all of us out and promote this community! I've been promoting around the fandom as much as I can but I need your help to get everyone who loves Mpreg as much as you, involved. Please ask for permission to promote this community anywhere you feel it necessary and once you get permission copy and paste the code below into the HTML section (not Rich text) when you are making your entry then POST! Also, if you are amazing and lovely enough to help me out on this, could you please reply to this with which Community you'll be promoting in? That way you won't all flood the same communities with requests, let's try and keep everyone happy with us shall we?

The code below should end up looking like this *points down*, if it doesn't please let me know and I'll see what I can do. 


gleempreg is a new community striving to bring you all of you Mpreg needs within the Glee fandom! We welcome all pairings and genres so long as Mpreg remains a part of the story/art/discussion. Please come join us and bring us all your mpreg, we would love to have your fics, art, videos, recs, discussion, or anything else you can think of!

posted with mod permission




If you would like to promote on
[info]gleempreg please drop a message here and a mod will review the community/event you wish to promote and get back to you as quick as possible.

Tags: !mod post, content:promotion

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