December 9th, 2013

Community Activity Minibang

I finally got Internet back for real this time. So best to kick off 'once again active and better maintained community" with an event. By poll it showed people were interested in a minibang.

Things will be a little different for this second one.

  1. It will be story only. If someone would like to do artwork, let us know and we'll work on it on an individual basis.

  2. There will be two entry options

  3. Option One: 1 singular story minimum of 5,000 words

  4. Option Two: Drabbles or scenes or one which words adds up to 5,000 (5- 1,000 one shots, 10- 500 drabbles, etc)

  5. Sign Ups will go on for this month.

  6. Writing will Start as soon as you sign up and go through the end of January

  7. Submissions due on 31 January

  8. There will be weekly check ins in January-- nothing to hard core or serious...just and email/message with word count

  9. All works must be beta'd

  10. All submissions must be mpreg dealing with Glee

  11. Crossovers, Aus, fusions, etc. are allowed and welcomes

Any questions let us know here.

Those interested in signing up  leave name and email here or message me  with name. If you don't wish to recieve emails let me know that as well. Also leave the option you are leaning towards