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The New GleeMpreg Prompt Page

Have a Mpreg Idea that you don't know how to write, don't have time or just want to see someone else's take on it. This is the place to put it.
We will have featured prompts. As well as prompt and fill round ups to keep everyone involved.

Subject Lines:

Pairing-Warnings/Spoilers-Key Words

Kurt/Any-bondage- Pregnancy in DS relationship

Fill-Title-Prompt Subject Line

Fill- Tied- Kurt/Any Bondage- Pregnancy in DS

Please defer to community rules. Also no including of those under 13 year of age in sexual nature in prompt or fill.

Please remember to respectful, no prompt hi-jacking.

And if you include a prompt from another sourse, cross-post as prompt seen elsewhere (such as the GKM) you must include a link.

Any prompts found to be breaking any rules will be screened.
Tags: !fic meme

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