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End of September Activity: Mini Round Robin

This Challenge will run through the end of September.


-each addition to the story must not be longer than one comment length
-no author may post twice in a row but you may add on later
-An author may reserve the next part of the story, but the hold is only good for twelve hours after the hold is posted
Just to make sure everyone can participate:
-NO NC-17 portions,
-Please refrain from non-con, heavy kinks or graphic violence
-Any possible warning or any kinks please put it in the subject of your entry in Bold
-Please respect each poster's addition and refrain from negating or invalidating any things they added
-Pairings will be decided by the first poster to mention an pairing, additions should respect the pairing decided by first responder

Prompts for this Challenge
1. Teen Pregnancy- basic early then anticipated family
2. Late in Life- Thinking their bio clock has ended, family days behind them an older couple finds they are excpecting (first time or agian)

Please make sure you are reply to the correct comment stream
Tags: !round robin, !wwc

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