gleempregmods (gleempregmods) wrote in gleempreg,

Glee Mpreg: Anonymous Post

Here is the post for those of you who would like to post to our community anonymously.

All the same rules of the community apply here.

How to post on the Anonymous Post: Any post not adhering to the rules will be screened.
1. First Comment will be your 'Title Comment': 
         Title, Rating, Characters/Pairing, Warning/Spoilers/Disclaimers, Summary and any Notes

2. Then to Post the actual story respond to the title post. If multiple chapters: the start of all chapters should be in reply to your stories title post.

Any questions, concerns, please respond to the Page-A-Mod post (also can post anonymously) and we will answer you there.

While we hope people follow this post, we will also post a link to any stories to comm so that people will know what is happening here.
Tags: !anonpost

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