Hey Everyone, its I know it been a while and I kept spacing out a little. I thought my internet troubles were solved but it looks like another couple of weeks to a month before they are truly solved. But I want to thank everyone for their patience. And I hope there are still people out there who would like to participate in the comm.

FIrst Off: Continuing Mod Search

So far on our end its feeling good to have a new mod on the team and we have lots of ideas that are bouncing so we are still looking for one more mod to help out.


Second: New Layout and Subject Lines

Subject Lines are official back. And we have a new layout courtesy of our new mod anassa_anemou!
We've been looking for feed back, polls can only tell us so much please leave your responses on the discussion post below:
--Part One
--Part Two

October Edit: Thanks to everyone for the feedback all that time ago. Feel free to leave any new comments and all will be taken into consideration.


Third: New Tag

Its official. As of now this tag is required for all stories posted.
And we'll be cracking down and updating past tags for this rule. If we are missing, or haven't added the tag you need let us know on your post and we'll add it for you.


Fourth: New Meme Post

The new prompt meme is up. Over time we will be transferring prompt from the old post to the new, so everything will be organized, and still available. Feel free to repost your own prompts and/or add new prompts. Feel free to cross-post from other sources, just leave a link to the other source.

New Prompt Meme


Fifth: Current and Upcoming Community Events

Community participation has been a little low and I'm sure that due to multiple reason, mods included. But hopefully we can get a few people back.

The End of September  Round Robin is still empty fell free to participate HERE

Glee Mpreg Week
I realize its both a little late and abrupt but we're still going to post the pages each day feel free to post on the day the page goes up or write and come back to it. Also feel free to link to your journal and other pages for stories or leave rec or stuff you've written before that fits the category per day.

Day One: Drabbles/Warm Ups
Day Two: Finding Out

Day Three: SupernaturalMpreg
Day Four: Au!Mpreg
Day Five: Famous and Pregnant
Day Six: Multiples, and other Suprises
Day Seven: Angst

Also: Poll for December/January Activity found here

And another poll about another activity found here


Reminder: Promotion (personal and other communities)

The 26th will be the deadline for any community advertising, or personal advertising (looking for a mpreg story, looking for a beta/co-writer for a mpreg story, or other things mpreg related) that you would like placed for next months newsletter.


Finally: Rec of the Month
Instead of a traditional Rec, we have a link to the completed Mpreg fills on the GKM Pinboard, there's been a number Mpreg prompts and fills. So let us know what your favorites are.
Glee Kink Meme Mpreg Prompts: Complete I WIP

*please note that there are some reg preg in here to as they share a tag

** Nominated for story or writer here and he may appear in our next newsletter.

Community Activity Minibang

I finally got Internet back for real this time. So best to kick off 'once again active and better maintained community" with an event. By poll it showed people were interested in a minibang.

Things will be a little different for this second one.

  1. It will be story only. If someone would like to do artwork, let us know and we'll work on it on an individual basis.

  2. There will be two entry options

  3. Option One: 1 singular story minimum of 5,000 words

  4. Option Two: Drabbles or scenes or one which words adds up to 5,000 (5- 1,000 one shots, 10- 500 drabbles, etc)

  5. Sign Ups will go on for this month.

  6. Writing will Start as soon as you sign up and go through the end of January

  7. Submissions due on 31 January

  8. There will be weekly check ins in January-- nothing to hard core or serious...just and email/message with word count

  9. All works must be beta'd

  10. All submissions must be mpreg dealing with Glee

  11. Crossovers, Aus, fusions, etc. are allowed and welcomes

Any questions let us know here.

Those interested in signing up  leave name and email here or message me  with name. If you don't wish to recieve emails let me know that as well. Also leave the option you are leaning towards

Poll: December/January Activity

Here are a few ideas for the Deceber/January Activity

Option One: Traditional Fic Exchange
Those participating will be assigned another's prompt, for a 800-1000 word  story

Option Two: Untraditonal Fic Exchange: Prompt Grab
Everyone partcipating will leave a prompt. The prompts will go up on a page, and everyone will get to grab one, first come first serve

Option Three: A Minibang
Participates will write a 5,000 word preg story or drabble set and all the stories will be posted over a short period of time

Option Four: Other
Have another idea leave it in the comments!

Poll #1940166 December/January Activity Poll

Which activity would you rather see/participate in?

Traditional Fic Exchange
Prompt Grab Exchange