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Secret Drabble Exchange Challenge Information and Sign-Up 
18th-Nov-2012 12:00 am
Hi, Everyone. Here's a new activity for the community

Here's how this is going to work:
1. Sign Up here at this post with:
        -your lj name, this is how you'll be contacted unless you leave an email (comments are screened)
        - Your top four gleempreg char or pairings
        - Four quick prompts (these are for drabbles)
        -If you would like to see the holidays incorporated, if possible, and if YES which holiday
        -If there is anything/anyone you absolutely won't write that isn't already covered in the rules, remeber this is part of a challenge so we'll do what we can

2.Once sign up are over you will get:
  -1 pair and prompt combo from four different people and write a very quick drabble (approx 100 words or one comments worth) for each
 - When your done turn it into the Turn in Post Whic will posted on the same day we give assignments

3. We will post the presents when all are turned in  (18-20 Dec)

4. We'll reveal who gave who what! (22-23 Dec)

-This is a challenge, but its also an exchange of joy. Even if your assigned some one who doesn't share your character or pairng preferences do your best, and if you struggle contact a mod and we'll help you out
-Drabbles should stay somewhere between G-P13
-if a prompt requires some facts contact mods or reference post

Any other questions let us know!

And sign-up!
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